Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting leads for your mlm - Network Marketing is a relationship business, not a sales business

Ever feel like a salesman when you are talking to someone about your network marketing business? BIG MISTAKE! You shouldn't have to sell anyone on network marketing, instead learn to target people that already believe in the business model, and forget being the salesman, be a friend instead. Network marketing is not a sales business, it is a relationship business. No one should be looking at you with this kind of expression if you build the relationship first!

Doing network marketing should be fun!  If you do it right, you will want to get on the phone to call perspective customers and business partners alike, and they will talk to you, because you are giving them a service. You are providing them with information that they want to hear. You are helping them out.

How do you do this?  You set up your advertisements so that those that are wanting help with network marketing will search for you. Use keywords that talk about helping and coaching, targeted leads and finding success in network marketing. Find a system that doesn't use the sales pitch but is designed to teach your people about how to do the business. The quest for knowledge will bring them to you. 

Nobody wants to be sold. Nobody wants to be a 'mark', but everyone wants to make new friends.  And when someone is struggling, they want someone to help them, not sell them. A small change in attitude and agenda will make all the difference in the way you talk to your prospects.  Make it a point to get the money out of the equation, make it about them, not about you. If you can do this, you will find success in more ways than one.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

There are many benefits to doing network marketing.

There are many benefits to doing network marketing.  It is the only level playing field, that is no matter who you are, how old you are or what you have done in the past, all have the same chance to really make it. It is the only business model that can be done by anyone at anytime!  Here are some of the advantages of doing network marketing.

When you work for someone you are trading time for money, the only way to make more is to get a raise, or work more hours.  MLM does not have the same limitations. You can earn money when you are on vacation! Once you build the business, you can be doing something else and your team makes money without you even being there. How would you like to get paid for having fun!

You can make your own hours, work when you want to. You do have to put in the time, but you can arrange it any way you like. If you have job, you have to take off when they say you can, and in an emergency you risk not keeping the job or reduced earnings. Network marketing is not this way, you have to work, but you decide the schedule.

If you are working for a company, you have someone over you that tells you what to do, when to work, when to take a break, and how many hours you must work. If you are working for yourself in network marketing, you decide these things, you have no boss except yourself and your ambition. You decide how many hours you need to complete a task and what to direct your energies on. You are the boss.

Marketing has alot to do with personal growth. Taking responsibility for your business almost forces you to grow as a person.  You have the chance to see just what you can do, gain confidence, learn communication skills and teach others to do the same.  You become a leader. 

There are many advantages to working with a network marketing company. If you need help looking for a company there are people that can help you. Look for someone that has done it, that has a system in place to teach you as you grow, that you can use with the people you bring in to the business.  Don't jump into the first one you see, be selective.  Network marketing is an exciting business and you can make much more money than you can in a 9 to 5 job.  Find a mentor to keep you from the pitfalls, the scams and con artists.  It is a great way to make a living and to make difference in others lives.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Without support and the proper training, you can't hope to be as successful as someone who is being trained and supported by experts in the field.

Have you ever felt like you were drowning and no one was around to pull you out?  If you are trying to make a success of a network marketing business and doing it on your own, you may identify with this guy.  Trying to work a home based business by yourself is really difficult. Without support and the proper training, you can't hope to be as successful as someone who is being trained and supported by experts in the field. If you  fit this description and are failing, I can promise you YOUR FAILURE SO FAR IS NOT YOUR FAULT!
You need a support system to succeed and the proper training you or are most likely to be part of the 90% that traditionally don't succeed in network marketing. 

Here are some recent numbers I think are pretty astonishing. My group is part of a pretty good-size network market1ng company. Our team uses the "Success In 10 Steps" E-book by Michael Dlouhy to find prospects, and others in the company use other means.

Our team brought in 62% of the company's new business for the month of April.
- 82% of the company's new business for May.
- 85% of the company's new business for June.

My mentors have a 60% to even 90% RETENTION RATE! That is the same as the dropout rate of those that don't succeed using the traditional methods, our success rate is the same as the average failure rate!

"Success In 10 Steps" is generic. No companies or products are mentioned. No affiliate links are included. The point of the E-book is to find the Warriors in M-L-M, and to help you connect with them. This is a very effective system.

The traditional way is to make a list of friends and family, and call them to try to get them to a meeting to hear your 'plan'. The trouble with this is you are probably talking to people that don't have an interest in network marketing or even working a home based business! You have to work to get them to just listen to the idea of making money from a network marketing business. We say leave your friends and family alone! These guys are showing me how to find people already wanting to work a home based business. I skip this step completely, the people I talk to want to hear what I have to say!
It is a great ride, and fun since I am talking to others excited about the concept of network marketing. I don't have to get them excited about network marketing first, instead I talk to people looking for a way to make money from home, and I teach them how to think critically about the offers and opportunities out there.  

I didn't have success before but I am now and it is exciting. I am looking forward to being able to work my business and make my art when I want to. I am that much closer to owning my life, are you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Networking works if you just don't quit - Inspiration is everywhere!

In Napoleon Hills book 'Think and Grow Rich" he talks about persistance. How many people do you know get so close to a goal and then give up?  When you are at that place where you feel like you can no longer do something, you are probably just inches from the prize, so how do you get enough energy to go the extra mile?

Inspiration is everywhere if you are willing to look for it and recognize it when you find it.  I have recently found some great sources of inspiration, they give me ideas and make me want to go again.  It is just like when you are drawing or painting, or working on whatever creative idea you are on, sometimes you need that little bit of light from another source to finish the project.

Being on a budget, look for the low cost or no cost, here are some places I look for inspiration.

This is a short piece with Zig Ziggler talking on attitude..  Yes, it is from You Tube. There are many short clips of our favorite authors talking about different things and it costs nothing to listen!  You can type in a subject there and it will give you lots of videos that you can use for those short pick-me-ups.  Another source I frequent is a site called the Brave Hart Women. You join for free and she does short 10 minute panel discussions that are really good.  It is geared for women but men can also get insights from this site.  I also like to read short quotes from different sources, they can be a great jumping off place for ideas and inspiration. I like Brainy Quotes, but there are many other similar sites that do much the same thing. Just be open to new ideas, and look at the old one with a fresh eye and you will never be without inspiration. Don't give up, and you will always reach your goal.

So where do you get your inspiration?  Let me know, it may be a place someone else can use!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to create real wealth and keep it!

Creating wealth starts from within. Most of us started with the advice to go to school, learn a trade or go to college, work hard and some day we would have success. Education and hard work, that is the ticket!  If you work hard and long, your ship will come in. But with the traditional job, trading time for money, very few have found real wealth, and those that got it before they were ready didn't hang on to it long.  Most lottery winners are just as broke just a few years down the road as they were when they won! What happened?

Education is important but that kind of education is for the mind, how about education for the spirit?  To create true wealth, it is important to know how to make yourself successful on the inside, otherwise when you do get the financial wealth you want, it is more likely that you will sabatoge yourself because you don't really think you deserve it. Just like our art starts from inside, building wealth needs to start from the inside. You need to feel wealthy in the moment, to feel it before you have it, and keep putting those positive thoughts and ideas into your mind so when you do get that financial freedom that you want, you will keep it.

Finding that kind of education isn't that hard. Great examples are all around you.  Books like Napolean Hill's "Think and Grow Rich",  The works of Jerry and Esther Hicks on the 'Law of Attraction", and groups that foster positive thinking can all help you get to where you want to go.

There is a group of people that come together several times a week to support each other in this quest. They help each other to find ways to get their minds to match their dreams so when the time is right they will keep their success.  They use the book 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill to cleanse their minds of all the negativity that most of us grow up with. Check out this link and see if this group can help get you ready to be finanacially free.

"If you don't like who you are and where you are, don't worry about it  because you're not stuck either with who you are or where you are. You can grow. You can change. You can be more than you are."
                                                                                                                                    Quote by Zig Ziggler

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Great quote from Zig Ziggler: Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.

Great quote from Zig Ziggler: Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness. This is Mentoring for Free

I have been listening to the audios and free calls for probably a year now, and I can say it has been there when I needed it.  It is uncanny that I hear what I need when I need it.  They are the best support system for anyone doing something that is challenging like building a business from home.  You can pay hundreds of dollars for personal developement courses, but my mentors and this system is there for me at NO CHARGE!  Imagine that, just people with a common bond, a mutual objective helping each other to succeed.  As an artist we can be somewhat in our own world, almost on the fringe of society at times, we are part of a culture all our own.  We try to get people to connect with our art, and as a network marketer I see it much the same, I am trying to get other people to connect with me, so we can together build a business that will set us free!  

Mentoring for Free  tells us that we are perfect just as we are to build a business, and we are announced when we speak on the calls as the 'next brilliant leader'.  Does this not sound like Zig''s quote, someone designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness?  This is you and me, we just have to learn to believe it and step up and shine when the opportunity shows itself!  We must believe it, when we believe it we will live it.  

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being Successful in Network Marketing - How to Choose One That WIll Work For You

There is an endless list of network marketing companies out there, some good, some bad and some just out right scams, even illegal!  So how do you choose one to invest your time and money in?

Here some things to look for, or look out for when picking a company. 
First you need a company who's management has experience and integrity.

Ask yourself who is the ceo?  Who decides the rules, and who runs the company?  Have they ever done network marketing before?  Go on google and do a search for information on the people that are going to be writing your check. Most of us have little information about the integrity and principles of the people that are deciding how this company will work. If this person or group of people has no experience in managing a company or if they are in it for the management, not the distributor, you will have trouble. The policies and procedures should be there to protect the distributor, not the management, and you should be able to understand the language. If it is written in lawyer terminology and has lots of pages, it is probably hiding something they don't want you to know. Ask yourself if this is a company you want to trust with your future?  Get a copy and READ the policies and procedures, they don't need to be 20 pages long unless they are providing more for the management than the distributor.

Next most important is timing in the industry and timing in the company.

So often we go by some great product that is said to be the next best greatest thing since sliced bread. Technology moves so fast that it is easy for someone to take a product and make it sound like the best deal yet. Always you need to get in on the "ground floor" to really make it big. And it is said to be easy and something everyone will want and need in the near future.  The trouble with these claims is that the ground floor could very well go out from under you anytime, because technology moves so fast, there will soon be something even greater to take it's place and that product will be so cheap you can't compete.. Something like 90% of the startup companies fail in the first 2 years. Do you want to build a business with this company?

The third thing to look at is the product, you need a remarkable product.

This one is the easiest. If the company has been around very long, they have to have a great product, or they would be out of business. The product should not be something you can get on ebay or in the stores for less than you can sell it for. If it is on the shelves for less, then they are making money on the distributors, not on the product.  Technology companies are the worst only because the product that is great today is replaced by  another one in the near future.  The best product is something that is being used up so the customer has to buy  it again the next month. This is why nutritional and cosmetic products do well.  Consumable products will keep customers coming back. You don't have to love it, you just have to find customers that do. Would you buy this product if there wasn't a business opportunity attached?

The fourth thing to look at is the compensation plan.

Most people do a network marketing company in their spare time. They are part time workers, and they have to be able to make money within a couple of months to stay in long enough to learn the business.  So the compensation plan has to pay the part time person. There has to be a way to make and build an income without having to build a massive network. They have to have products that are priced so they can be sold competitively in the retail market. The plan has to pay it's distributors on everyone that comes in.  Use something that is a level measure, for instance how many people do you need to make $1000 a month or $10000 a month, in residual income. All things considered, would you rather work in a company that you need 250 people in your total organization to make $10000 or one that takes 2500 people to do the same thing?  This is something to think about.

How about training, how are you going to go about building your business? You need a proven duplication system that will allow your people to go on learning and building even when you aren't around to guide them.

This system should be one that is easily understood. It needs to give you step by step instructions on how to do it, not just get people and sign them up, but HOW to get people to talk to and WHAT to say to them once you get them. When someone is looking at doing a business and joining YOU, they want to know do you know what to do to make money at this and can you teach them to do the same thing. With a system like this you can grow, you won't have to rely on the front end and just recruit to make up for the ones that drop out, because if your people can duplicate what you do and make money, they will stay.

With this system, you need a MENTOR, someone that you can model what you do and that can help you to understand what you need to be successful. No matter what company you are trying to build, this is the most important. You should NOT have to buy leads, make lists of friends and family, talk to everyone you meet where ever you go, and do presentations to as large of a group as you can. My mentor has showed me how to find people without doing this. I DO NOT spend money on leads, I have many ways to find people that are looking just like me and want to do a business from home. You can be successful no matter who you are or what you have done before. If you have failed before, you won't if you go by these principles. Just do some critical thinking and you will be a superstar!

If you want to find out more, listen to this audio.  the 5 Pillars of Success

Friday, January 14, 2011

Network Marketing Opportunities - How to get 'leads' for any business.

I have tried so many different companies along with many of my team of mentors, we all had much the same experience. We were told to make a list of friends and family, recruit everyone you meet, people are dollar signs, learn to 'close' them, sell and recruit, recruit, recruit.  Never how to talk to them, where to find them and no indication that we were talking to a person!  I was not good at selling snowballs in Alaska, so I didn't do well recruiting, and the ones that did, tell me it still didn't work because as soon as one came aboard, another would leave!  

When I found my mentor and mastermind group, I was skeptical, kept waiting for the sell, but they never asked for money?  It was always listen to this free call, or I will send you these audios and/or videos, or read this free ebook.  'Put your credit card in the freezer' they said, we want no money.  What was up with this?!

In nut shell, I was told MY FAILURE UP TO NOW WAS NOT MY FAULT.  I was perfect to do this business just the way I was.  I was NOT to buy leads or sign up for a bunch of expensive training courses or buy a lot of books and cds showing me how to do it.  Just plug into the free training calls, listen to the free audios and videos and read Michael Dlougy's free ebook 'Success in 10 Steps."  In fact this is taken directly from one of his duplicatable websites.  Michael writes...

Briefly, here's my MLM philosophy:
Don't sell.
Don't recruit.
Don't say ONE doggone word to family & friends!
Build People. People will build your business.

So what is this... It is the truth. It works and it is sooo refreshing to hear.  I found it to work just like they have told me, the only time the system Mentoring for Free hasn't worked is when I didn't follow instructions. 

Ever tried to make a cake from scratch?  Gotten a great recipe, and tried to improve it by adding something extra or put more of something in it because you liked it?  Then when it was baked you found it wasn't what you expected, sometimes it was plain awful?  

That is how the system works, and how network marketing works. Follow the proven system and you will have success.  You will have more 'leads' than you know what to do with.  The best part is these leads will become your friends, and you will pick who you want to work with.  You don't need thousands or even hundreds to be successful.  You just need to be coachable and sincere.

Here are the directions.  Click this link and read the page, you will find no credit card fields, only a place to fill out to get the free e-book by Michael. Down load the book and see for yourself.  You will be just as successful as any of the people you can read about when you click here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mastermind Group is the key to success - help working from home!

No one thing survives alone, everyone and everything depends on a support system. For us working a business from home, a mastermind group is the key to success in a home based business.

I have always loved trees, and loved to draw them. Not just any tree but the big gnarly kind, the ones with the big roots and lots of branches. I was looking at this sketch which is like many of my drawings, and the roots and the trunk take up most of the page. they really support the tree.  They really dig down deep in the soil, and the soil gives it the nutrients that it needs to grow tall into the sky.

When I studied art therapy, one of the exercises they taught us to use was to have someone draw a tree, a house and a person. The really fascinating part was that all of these drawings represented the person. They were all a self portrait.  My tree is me, and just like the tree, I reach into my mastermind group for help and support as I build my network marketing business!

One of the things that is necessary to grow a network marketing business or a person, or any home business is a mastermind group. a group of like minded people to help and support you as you learn and grow both financially and personally... kind of like the tree.  A tree alone without soil, without the roots reaching into the soil for what it needs, would not grow very big or very lush..  But look at the tree, the roots, dig down into the soil, just like we need to reach deep for what we need. I get nourishment and positive encouragement from my mastermind group, just as the tree gets nourishment from the soil, and without the soil the tree can not grow big and strong and without a good support system we can not grow either. A good mastermind group will nourish you and give you all the training you need to grow and prosper, just like the rich soil around the tree. Like the tree we have to be smart and humble enough to reach deep into the group, ask for help when we need it and follow the advice given to get what we need to grow. With this in place we will prosper.

No one can survive alone, especially when they are trying to do a network marketing business. Everyone needs a group of like minded people to lean on and learn from, and the group needs you to keep it fresh and learn from as well. For more on how this works, go to mastermind group info.  Somewhere there is a group of people just like you, who have been through the same things you have been through that can show you the way and support your quest to be a better you and be financially free!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gratitude is the beginning of getting!

Great quote by Zig Ziggler, 'The more you express gratitude  for what you have, the more you will have to express gratitude for.'  I have been reading the teachings of Abraham on the Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  They say much the same thing, you must think of the things you want like you already have them, enjoy them before you see any evidence of getting them, and the universe will line up opportunities for you to get what you want.  I am practicing gratitude for all my gifts now and future. I am making a conscious choice to stay with my positive emotions so I attract what I want, not what I don't want.

Network marketing is the best second j-o-b!

Network Marketing is not only the best way to earn money with a business of your own but the only way that is a level playing field for ANYONE wanting to be financially free.  I have found no other business model that will allow anyone from the high school dropout to the finest scholar, the person who knows everyone or the person who knows no one, or even the one that has trouble doing presentations to the one that thrives in the spotlight. Blue collar, white collar, any collar are all equally qualified to do this business.  All it takes is being able to follow directions, to follow a proven system and ask questions when you need to and listen once you ask them.

I had it all wrong, I thought I had to be like those other recruiters, the ones that can sell snowballs in Alaska!  I tried to be like them, but I just was not them, and couldn't duplicate what they did.  Consequently I didn't have the success they told me I could.  When I asked for help, I got told talk to more people, make a bigger list of family and friends, 'close' them this way or that way.  But my friends and family didn't want to be 'closed' and I soon ran out of them.

Now I have fun.. I talk to people that want to talk to me.  I do what is natural to me, I am making friends and helping them to be successful, sometimes just helping them to be better people, NOT CLOSING THEM!  What a great way to make money... just doing what comes naturally, making friends and friends helping friends!  Anyone can do this that wants to, it just takes the desire,a system, the right team to support you and being yourself.

Want to find out more about starting a network marketing business that will give you more time to do what you want to do.... click here!

Monday, January 10, 2011

An Artist needs to design more than their art... They need to design themselves!

When I first graduated from art school ( not telling how long ago!), we were advised to get an agent once we had a body of work, to market our art for us. Most of my artist friends were like me, we had a hard time figuring out how to price our work, and didn't like to brag on it. I was always thinking it wasn't good enough to demand much, I was still learning and didn't feel very qualified to go out and demand payment for it.

Now that we have all been out in the world for a time, some of my class was able to eventually go out an make a name for themselves. I have talked to several established artist that did make a market for their work and they would tell me that they also had friends that were very good and talented artist but were never able to get a hold in the market. I always wondered what could be the difference, was it luck or was there something else at play. Why would not the best work get the best price?

In my case it was not the low opinion of my work but of myself that got in the way. My work is me, so I give the same value to it that I have of myself. The law of attraction says you get what you believe you can get, you draw to you what you think about. If I am thinking it is isn't good enough, the universe will make sure I get what I believe!

How do I believe I am good enough? How do I tell the universe what I want and really believe it will get it to me?

I am using something called autosuggestion. I am good enough, I have talent, and I am successful! I have to hear from myself and from as many positive sources I can find that I will succeed. This holds true for getting anything you want. It can be used for losing weight, for making more money... for anything you want to acquire. I developed a self talk that puts positive thoughts in my brain, I found a mastermind group that believes in me and supports me in what I want to accomplish and I am moving forward in meeting my goals both professionally and personally. Think about this... what you believe you back up by facts, but the facts came before or after you put together a thought about whatever you are trying to do? We have a thought or someone tells us something us true, usually a well meaning parent or friend and we look for it over and over until we make it true.

So make sure you hear positive statements over and over and you will take them as truth instead. You can turn anything in your life around just by being conscious of what you are allowing into your brain. You are worth the time and effort to make what you want to happen come to be. Click here and listen to this!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Staying focused on the positive emotions not only feels good, but can save you from making hasty decisions that aren't really yours!

Have you ever noticed how much advertising uses negative emotions to get us to buy something? Nepoleon Hill talks about negative emotions verses positive emotions and how alot of the time we act on the negative ones without even realizing it! I remember when I was selling kids portraits on the road, one of the sales tools they taught us was if the person was torn between buying and walking away was to take the photos away from in front of the customer and put them away in the folder and tell them you were going to throw them away or burn them when they asked what you would do with them if they didn't buy. It was working on lack, the same principle behind being told this 'deal' was only good now, if you walk away or want come back tomorrow it will cost you more. We were playing on LACK.

Funny thing is, now that I recognize it that pull to buy now isn't there anymore!

I was looking into changing my tv to direct tv from cable and the lady on the phone used all the catch phrases, "I can save you this much today, you qualify for special rebates now, this deal is only good while I have you on the phone" ect. I initially felt the 'pull' to switch, but as soon as realized the negative emotions she was playing on, the 'pull' went away. While I stay in the positive emotion side, the negative ones don't
have the same power!

I made these bookmarks to remind me of this principle, and I had one sitting on my desk while I was talking to the representative. As I read the positive emotions, I could feel myself move from being aggrevated at the direct tv rep for trying to manipulate me to just being happy that I know now what they are doing and how to think for myself, and not e lead by the salesman.

I am moving closer and closer to owning my life!
Want to know more about the negative and positive emotions, read Napolion Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich" or join the mental cleanse program from Mentoring for Free! Click here to sign up.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A new year is here and I am working on lots of things. This year is going to be focused on finally owning my life! I have been working on mlm companies for many years, switching from company to company when the last one didn't work or get too expensive with little success. But now have found a system called 'Mentoring for Free'! They are making all the difference.

They started out by saying my lack of success was not my fault... WHAT!? All the other companies and sponsors would lay it squarely on my shoulders when I asked why I wasn't prospering like they promised when I joined. Talk to more people, make your list of friends and family and add to it, talk to people at the grocery store, join more lead sources ( this was expensive). Mentoring for Free says, DON'T BOTHER YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.... ? Here are low or no cost stratigies for talking to people already wanting to work a business from home, they already believe in the business model. WOW! What a difference!

Now I spend my time working with people that want to do what I do! I have mentors that take the time to help me find ways that FIT MY PERSONALITY and pocketbook to get my message to quality prospects. I get to help other people do the same, we are a family of like minded people working together to finally own our lives. It is fun and prosperous, and I want to get on the phone, because I am going to talk to people just like me and really make a difference.