Friday, January 14, 2011

Network Marketing Opportunities - How to get 'leads' for any business.

I have tried so many different companies along with many of my team of mentors, we all had much the same experience. We were told to make a list of friends and family, recruit everyone you meet, people are dollar signs, learn to 'close' them, sell and recruit, recruit, recruit.  Never how to talk to them, where to find them and no indication that we were talking to a person!  I was not good at selling snowballs in Alaska, so I didn't do well recruiting, and the ones that did, tell me it still didn't work because as soon as one came aboard, another would leave!  

When I found my mentor and mastermind group, I was skeptical, kept waiting for the sell, but they never asked for money?  It was always listen to this free call, or I will send you these audios and/or videos, or read this free ebook.  'Put your credit card in the freezer' they said, we want no money.  What was up with this?!

In nut shell, I was told MY FAILURE UP TO NOW WAS NOT MY FAULT.  I was perfect to do this business just the way I was.  I was NOT to buy leads or sign up for a bunch of expensive training courses or buy a lot of books and cds showing me how to do it.  Just plug into the free training calls, listen to the free audios and videos and read Michael Dlougy's free ebook 'Success in 10 Steps."  In fact this is taken directly from one of his duplicatable websites.  Michael writes...

Briefly, here's my MLM philosophy:
Don't sell.
Don't recruit.
Don't say ONE doggone word to family & friends!
Build People. People will build your business.

So what is this... It is the truth. It works and it is sooo refreshing to hear.  I found it to work just like they have told me, the only time the system Mentoring for Free hasn't worked is when I didn't follow instructions. 

Ever tried to make a cake from scratch?  Gotten a great recipe, and tried to improve it by adding something extra or put more of something in it because you liked it?  Then when it was baked you found it wasn't what you expected, sometimes it was plain awful?  

That is how the system works, and how network marketing works. Follow the proven system and you will have success.  You will have more 'leads' than you know what to do with.  The best part is these leads will become your friends, and you will pick who you want to work with.  You don't need thousands or even hundreds to be successful.  You just need to be coachable and sincere.

Here are the directions.  Click this link and read the page, you will find no credit card fields, only a place to fill out to get the free e-book by Michael. Down load the book and see for yourself.  You will be just as successful as any of the people you can read about when you click here.

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