Sunday, July 28, 2013

Network Marketing - Change is the key!

It is normal to be uncomfortable with change. Most of us like our comfort zone, and we get nervous when we have to leave it. But unless we do something different, leave our comfort zone, nothing different will happen. We want things to change, more money, lose weight, better job, better relationship, but we don't make any changes to make it happen. Change is scary for most, and sometimes we just don't know what change, to adjust... but doing the same thing is not going to get the result you want.

     I found that baby steps, "the slight edge" is the best way to go      when you are wanting to make a change but not sure of                yourself. If you go for completely rearranging your life, you      are more likely to not be able to keep it up. Small changes made and kept for 30 days will form a new habit and from that new habit you will find other things to change, one at a time, and 6 months later you will be surprised at how much you have changed, and how many changes you have kept!

That is not to say that if you make the change and 30 days later you see that it was not what you wanted, after all you can adjust, the theme here is change, review the change, and adjust if necessary, and do it over and over again until you get what you want.

Is it slow? Not at all... because the changes you make are more permanent and lasting. So the changes stick. Don't spend a month trying to decide to change... change one thing and evaluate the results, ten adjust, and repeat the process.  If you spend too long thinking about it,
nothing will change.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Network Marketing - There are plenty of prospects out there for us all!

I recently had a comment from a friend on my facebook page asking me to not post comments about my company on her page, since she is a friend my posts will appear on her page automatically.  I am still a bit of a novice at Facebook but this was a little surprising.  She was obviously feeling a bit threatened that her contacts would come to me and she would lose them.

When I first started doing MLM I also felt this way.  I felt like I had to guard my prospects from being "stolen" from some other entity. Luckily I have grown to understand that no one can "steal" my prospects, if they go to someone else they weren't mine to begin with!  This is actually a salesman mentality.  And network marketing isn't a sales business, it is a relationship business. So my contacts that have come to have a relationship with me will choose me all else being equal because we have cultivated the friendship and collaborated together to find what works best for them.

The big guys, the real great mentors in this business all give their information and help for free. I know because I have met several of them and they truly do want to give what they can to the people they are helping because they know it will come back to them in spades.  From a philosophy standpoint, I have always believed you get what you give, basically if you give of yourself, you will prosper and there will be friends there for you when you need it, because you have been a friend to someone else.

So as you work on your business, remember that we are cultivating friends and colleagues, not "marks".  I remember being told by one of my sponsors from a company a long time ago that when I talk to someone to think of them as dollar bills because that is what they are worth to you.... wow, what a way to treat someone!  No wonder I couldn't do anything with that company!  The golden rule is the way to grow both yourself and your business, so just think how would you like to be treated if you were in the other persons shoes, and you will find like minded people to join you and you will prosper!