Sunday, April 24, 2011

What do you need to do to be successful in an MLM?

Hundreds of people try to build a successful network marketing business, and fail.  Why do some make it and some not? Maybe we need to understand what the MLM business is BEFORE we go and sign up with some network marketing company.  You need to have a clear understanding of what you need to build a successful MLM from the beginning.

MLM, Multilevel marketing started with Mytinger’s and Casselberry’s new marketing plan for the Nutrilite company circa 1945. These guys developed a three-pronged approach... Use the products, share the products, and sponsor the folks who like the products.
A professional network marketer working an network marketing business understands that the components of a successful mlm business are:
 1.  A self-development program (with a pay plan attached)
 2.  It is a relationship not a selling business.
 3  There is a product referral program, a sponsoring program.
 4. You must participate in an auto ship program.
 5.  You use the products yourself.               
You need to be active in all five of these areas to be successful.  If you are struggling, find a mentor and be accountable for doing what is needed to get what you want from your mlm. If that isn't your sponsor then find someone else that will be.   A mentor can be your lifeline to being accountable and to making sure you stay on track.  They should not be charging, there are too many out there that will help you for free.  Mentors can be the one thing that makes the difference.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

MLM Networking - Inspiration and positive progaming is the key!

Most of us approach MLM network marketing from a traditional business point of view.  We focus on working the traditional way, from the outside... but to work smart means to work from the inside out!  We can do the mechanics, talk to potential clients, send out advertisements, and keep our books, but that isn't all you need to do to be successful. Ask yourself why do some do better than others when they are both doing the exact same thing with the exact same tools?  Why do some make it and some not, given the same opportunity and tools?  It is because of the work they do on the inside, it is because one group works on themselves and the other doesn't.

To be really successful is not supposed to be so hard!  The shortcut is sometimes called spiritual marketing. It is believing and really being emotionally in tune with yourself.  Some also call it attraction marketing.  You believe the tools will work, and you are ready to act when opportunity shows up.  The money, the clients, whatever you need to make it in what ever you are doing is there waiting for you to let it come to you, you just have to know how to attract it and be comfortable with your success enough to embrace it.

Consider this quote from Joe Vatali's book on 'Spiritual Marketing"...

“Spirit is substance which forms itself according to your demands, and must have a pattern from which to work.  A pan of dough is as willing to be formed into bread as biscuit. It makes as little difference to Spirit what we demand.”
--  Frances Larimer Warner,
Our Invisible Supply: Part One, 1907

There is a lot of opinions on what to do to make yourself successful in business, but if you are successful in your personal life, you can't help to be successful in business.  If  you plant corn and Larkspur next to each other, both will grow. The soil will treat each one the same, even though one is healthy and the other is poison.  Your mind is the same, it doesn't discriminate between negative and positive, it will consider them both the same way, unless you actively take part in what is going in to your mind. Make more positive things go in and you will see and feel the difference.

There are many things you can to to tip the balance to positive. Consider these actions and see if you are doing them.

     • Reading....  it seems like all the people I have met that are wealthy spend some time every day reading, not romance novels but uplifting, self improvement books.
     • Mastermind group... they have a group of like minded people they can go to to brainstorm ideas. Some like in Napoleon Hill's book 'Think and Grow Rich" can be imagined, figures from history or your life that you admire and respect, or people that are real that you get together with on a regular basis to help inspire each other, not necessarily in the same business but with the same mindset.
     • Your are being programmed whether you are aware of it or not... Control the programming.  Stay away from people who want to steal your dreams.  Don't allow negative people around you as much as you can. Sometimes you can't avoid them, at work or at home, but you can give yourself more positive than negative by refusing delivery, by putting more positive in your head so that the negative won't fit.
     • Make yourself up a positive self talk, one that will take the place of all the negativity that we encounter. Make it easy to remember and repeat it out loud and to yourself whenever you can.  Turn off the radio in the car and listen to your thoughts instead.  Think positive, talk positive and positive things will happen for you.
     • Turn off the news, no violent, negative programs, or better yet no tv.  The news stations are sending you negative programming, gloom and doom, and yet the sky hasn't fallen yet, has it! Give it a try for at least 30 days and you will be amazed.
     • Seek out positive videos and audios, put them on your mp3 player and instead of looking at magazines and their ads, listen to them while you wait at the doctors or when picking up your kids, anywhere you have to wait and be idle. Turn off the radio and listen to your mind instead.  You will be surprised what you hear. Fill you head with positive possibilities and watch them come to you!
     • Helping others will always help you as well. Remember Zig Ziggler's quote,"If you help others get what they want, then you will get what you want".  Running your business without an agenda, that is with the thought in mind that you are going to help someone without expecting anything in return, will have a great positive effect on your business. Do this and you will be surprised how much of it will come back to you.  Think of it this way, when you give to anyone or anything, you are giving to the universe, and the universe will give back to you.

These are just a few things that you can put into practice that will make a difference. Give yourself  30 days, invest in yourself and you will not be sorry. You will be a superstar and when your success happens, you will be ready to embrace it!