Thursday, June 16, 2011

Network Marketing Skills - The myth of multi-tasking.... now is the secret to reaching your goals!

Is there such a thing as multi-tasking?  When we say we are doing several things at once, what are we really saying?  Can we physically, mentally do more than one thing  at a time?

If we are truly in the moment, living purposely and in the now... how can your attention be on more than one thing at a time!  You can only think one thing in any given moment, you can string a bunch of different ideas together but you can only have  one thought at one point in time.  The only reality is the instant you are living now, past and future are only memories and projections... they are not real.

This idea that multi-tasking is a myth, something I have been claiming to do all my life, really made me think and in an instant made me free!

I have been saying how I am not good at delayed gratification but really I am very good at it.  I dream of what I want in the future but since I can't have it today I continue to do what little I think I can to enjoy today.  I fondly remember the past and want to keep it alive but don't seem to move on.  The programming that I can only dream and not have any part of it now is still there.

It makes perfect sense.  Living in the now means I do what I can now to live my dreams.  The goals and dreams of the future need to live now in order to have life, we need to enjoy them in the now because now is what is real.

A long time ago I did an outward bound course in the Rocky Mountains.  I was 150 lbs over weight and not in great shape.  I loved to rock climb but only done it on a small scale.  Soon I was carrying the least amount of stuff and last to catch up.  All my energy was focused on right then, putting one foot in front of the other.  I had no money worries, no thoughts of relationships that weren't going the way I wanted them to, just that moment.  I loved every torturous minute of it and never felt more alive as I did on that trip.  I was focused on the now.

As an artist, when I am working and totally absorbed in the project, I am living in that moment.  Working on a project feels just like meditating. Think about the last time you were working on a project or doing something with a loved one and it felt like you and your loved one were the only ones on the planet, you are totally absorbed in the project or the person. Nothing else existed... you were in the now.

Living in the now means enjoying the moment.  Right NOW on this point in time I have all I need and life is perfect.  I can have what I imagine and can enjoy the dream now because if I imagine it now it is real.  It will come true because it exists NOW!

So next time you feel you are not getting what you want fast enough, think about what you are concentrating on. Are you dwelling on what you want from the standpoint of not being able to have it? Or are you celebrating the idea that you are living it, that you are one step closer and enjoying the journey.  Be appreciative of what you have now and look for ways to enjoy the moment. To use an old saying, take time to smell the roses and you will give your dream life and your life will be a dream!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Network Marketing - Why start a home based business? Why not!

Thinking of starting your own home based business, or joining a mlm?  You timing couldn't be better! History has shown that when the economy is reported to be less than perfect, people start looking outside the box to supplement their income. It is true that all we hear about is how bad the economy is but if you continue to do the same thing as you have been doing, nothing will change.  They say the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect your circumstances to change.  So if you keep doing what you have been doing and not seen any change, you need to do something different, like starting your own home based business!

I know what you are thinking... isn't this the worst possible time to start a new business or join some network marketing business, after all everyone is struggling. Who is going to want to invest in a business or buy from you? If you are thinking about a change BECAUSE of this, chances are other people are too. More people are using the internet to do business and online sales are increasing. Truth is, any time is the best time to start a network marketing business and times of economic stress are even better.  The best time to invest in yourself and a business is now, and now is the time to make yourself financially free!

Some facts about network marketing.....

Many network marketing businesses require small investments compared to the traditional brick and mortar businesses. A traditional business venture is many times out of the average working mans reach.  Many home based network marketing opportunities are well within most peoples budgets.

While you must invest time and work the business, you can run a home based business on a part time basis and still make it a success. It requires little space and can be run from home, no fancy outside office space required. The traditional business usually also requires you to be tied down to a specific schedule and to be there on a full time basis. If your doors are shut you make no money, with an online business your doors can be open while you are somewhere else doing something else!

Listen to this short video about why this is the best time for women to start a home based business!

Traditional business is dependent on local needs, but an Internet business is global.  If your town is not doing well, chances are another place is doing better and you can market your product there, as well as hundreds or thousands of places more!  Your reach is everywhere and anybody.

Think about it, you have been working for someone else making them wealthy for years, sometimes decades. Isn't it time you did the same for yourself?  You have been networking ever since you were old enough to talk and tell friend about the newest best movie or pair of jeans you just bought, and not been reimbursed for the endorsement!  Isn't it about time you got paid for recommending a great product you found useful?  That is network marketing!

And finally, one of the best reasons for starting a home based business is all of the people you can help.  Many are in the same or worse shape as you are, and learning to lead them to a better place as you learn to get there yourself is the best pay of all!

So make a change, and make yourself financially free. It isn't get rich quick, but is is work that is fun and lucrative, and anyone can do it.  So join the ranks of the entrepreneur. You will find it rewarding both financially and personally.