Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sorry I Haven't Written Lately....

Although I still truly believe in the network marketing concept, I admit I have lost some of my enthusiasm for
marketing in general. I take care of my aged mother and as she needs more and more care, I have less and less time, and probably even more, energy for business. I am sure I am not the only one finding themselves feeling burnt out, and looking for a way to energize again.

For the longest time I just did the
motions and not very well. The company I believed in merged with another company that I didn't identify with. I lost touch with many of the motivating people that I was listening to, and felt too tired to put forth the effort to keep in touch with those that were there for me before. Eventually I did find a company that had products that I liked and replaced the products that were important to me and did me the most good. I have been doing my best to be as healthy as I can in what I eat and what I use, and I found Young  Living Essential Oils. 
This company gave me a new platform to work from, products that I believe
in and find most helpful on a personal basis.  For Essential Oils they are the Cadillac in thier field.  But still there was something missing,

I thought I just need the right product to promote.  I found a great way to reduce or eliminate your cable and/or TV bill. I bought a box called Vstream and was able to find all the programming I needed without satellites or cable, just needed a high speed Internet to hook it to and my TV!  I was able to reduce a bill and diversify the things I could market online and elsewhere, saving money in the process.  I get to help other people save money! But still not enough.

I was lacking an enthusiasm for life in general.  I wasn't having much fun. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that taking care of my mom hasn't been a great journey and I much appreciate the closeness and friendship we have cultivated during this time.  I wouldn't change it if I could. Making someone you love comfortable and as happy as they can be, providing for them is a great feeling and very satisfying.  But in the process I was starting to lose a little of me.

Then I was surfing and found something that intrigued me. I found handmade books!  I have had a fascination with bookmaking but never really tried it. This time I did try some of the tutorials and found it fun and something that I could do sitting with my mom.  The part that was missing in my life was making and creating art!  I had done things that were close but not really went back to the roots. With the bookmaking interest I began to draw again.  I began to look at art and experiment with materials that I could do sitting with my mom. I stopped being so bored!

So much fun!

My point here is that as great as it is to do something for someone else, you still have to do something for you. You still have to have something, an interest or hobby or work that you can so just for the joy of the PROCESS, not for the OUTCOME.  Not just for the money.  Everyone would tell me that I had to take care of me too, but there never seemed to be room. With the re-awakening of my interest in being an artist, I now felt I was doing something for me!

More Fun!

So rule number one, find something important and stimulating that you would do even if no one paid you for it, and the money will follow.  I have a new source of revenue that I do no matter if someone likes it or pays for it, it is just for me and makes me feel good about me. Self image is so important, and you can tell yourself you like yourself but you also have to feel it and doing what you love gives you that feeling.

If you found yourself in this position and worked you way out. let me know what you did to revitalize you.  It may help someone else to find themselves!