Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mastermind Group is the key to success - help working from home!

No one thing survives alone, everyone and everything depends on a support system. For us working a business from home, a mastermind group is the key to success in a home based business.

I have always loved trees, and loved to draw them. Not just any tree but the big gnarly kind, the ones with the big roots and lots of branches. I was looking at this sketch which is like many of my drawings, and the roots and the trunk take up most of the page. they really support the tree.  They really dig down deep in the soil, and the soil gives it the nutrients that it needs to grow tall into the sky.

When I studied art therapy, one of the exercises they taught us to use was to have someone draw a tree, a house and a person. The really fascinating part was that all of these drawings represented the person. They were all a self portrait.  My tree is me, and just like the tree, I reach into my mastermind group for help and support as I build my network marketing business!

One of the things that is necessary to grow a network marketing business or a person, or any home business is a mastermind group. a group of like minded people to help and support you as you learn and grow both financially and personally... kind of like the tree.  A tree alone without soil, without the roots reaching into the soil for what it needs, would not grow very big or very lush..  But look at the tree, the roots, dig down into the soil, just like we need to reach deep for what we need. I get nourishment and positive encouragement from my mastermind group, just as the tree gets nourishment from the soil, and without the soil the tree can not grow big and strong and without a good support system we can not grow either. A good mastermind group will nourish you and give you all the training you need to grow and prosper, just like the rich soil around the tree. Like the tree we have to be smart and humble enough to reach deep into the group, ask for help when we need it and follow the advice given to get what we need to grow. With this in place we will prosper.

No one can survive alone, especially when they are trying to do a network marketing business. Everyone needs a group of like minded people to lean on and learn from, and the group needs you to keep it fresh and learn from as well. For more on how this works, go to mastermind group info.  Somewhere there is a group of people just like you, who have been through the same things you have been through that can show you the way and support your quest to be a better you and be financially free!

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