Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to create real wealth and keep it!

Creating wealth starts from within. Most of us started with the advice to go to school, learn a trade or go to college, work hard and some day we would have success. Education and hard work, that is the ticket!  If you work hard and long, your ship will come in. But with the traditional job, trading time for money, very few have found real wealth, and those that got it before they were ready didn't hang on to it long.  Most lottery winners are just as broke just a few years down the road as they were when they won! What happened?

Education is important but that kind of education is for the mind, how about education for the spirit?  To create true wealth, it is important to know how to make yourself successful on the inside, otherwise when you do get the financial wealth you want, it is more likely that you will sabatoge yourself because you don't really think you deserve it. Just like our art starts from inside, building wealth needs to start from the inside. You need to feel wealthy in the moment, to feel it before you have it, and keep putting those positive thoughts and ideas into your mind so when you do get that financial freedom that you want, you will keep it.

Finding that kind of education isn't that hard. Great examples are all around you.  Books like Napolean Hill's "Think and Grow Rich",  The works of Jerry and Esther Hicks on the 'Law of Attraction", and groups that foster positive thinking can all help you get to where you want to go.

There is a group of people that come together several times a week to support each other in this quest. They help each other to find ways to get their minds to match their dreams so when the time is right they will keep their success.  They use the book 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill to cleanse their minds of all the negativity that most of us grow up with. Check out this link and see if this group can help get you ready to be finanacially free.


"If you don't like who you are and where you are, don't worry about it  because you're not stuck either with who you are or where you are. You can grow. You can change. You can be more than you are."
                                                                                                                                    Quote by Zig Ziggler

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