Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Network marketing is the best second j-o-b!

Network Marketing is not only the best way to earn money with a business of your own but the only way that is a level playing field for ANYONE wanting to be financially free.  I have found no other business model that will allow anyone from the high school dropout to the finest scholar, the person who knows everyone or the person who knows no one, or even the one that has trouble doing presentations to the one that thrives in the spotlight. Blue collar, white collar, any collar are all equally qualified to do this business.  All it takes is being able to follow directions, to follow a proven system and ask questions when you need to and listen once you ask them.

I had it all wrong, I thought I had to be like those other recruiters, the ones that can sell snowballs in Alaska!  I tried to be like them, but I just was not them, and couldn't duplicate what they did.  Consequently I didn't have the success they told me I could.  When I asked for help, I got told talk to more people, make a bigger list of family and friends, 'close' them this way or that way.  But my friends and family didn't want to be 'closed' and I soon ran out of them.

Now I have fun.. I talk to people that want to talk to me.  I do what is natural to me, I am making friends and helping them to be successful, sometimes just helping them to be better people, NOT CLOSING THEM!  What a great way to make money... just doing what comes naturally, making friends and friends helping friends!  Anyone can do this that wants to, it just takes the desire,a system, the right team to support you and being yourself.

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