Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Networking works if you just don't quit - Inspiration is everywhere!

In Napoleon Hills book 'Think and Grow Rich" he talks about persistance. How many people do you know get so close to a goal and then give up?  When you are at that place where you feel like you can no longer do something, you are probably just inches from the prize, so how do you get enough energy to go the extra mile?

Inspiration is everywhere if you are willing to look for it and recognize it when you find it.  I have recently found some great sources of inspiration, they give me ideas and make me want to go again.  It is just like when you are drawing or painting, or working on whatever creative idea you are on, sometimes you need that little bit of light from another source to finish the project.

Being on a budget, look for the low cost or no cost, here are some places I look for inspiration.

This is a short piece with Zig Ziggler talking on attitude..  Yes, it is from You Tube. There are many short clips of our favorite authors talking about different things and it costs nothing to listen!  You can type in a subject there and it will give you lots of videos that you can use for those short pick-me-ups.  Another source I frequent is a site called the Brave Hart Women. You join for free and she does short 10 minute panel discussions that are really good.  It is geared for women but men can also get insights from this site.  I also like to read short quotes from different sources, they can be a great jumping off place for ideas and inspiration. I like Brainy Quotes, but there are many other similar sites that do much the same thing. Just be open to new ideas, and look at the old one with a fresh eye and you will never be without inspiration. Don't give up, and you will always reach your goal.

So where do you get your inspiration?  Let me know, it may be a place someone else can use!

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