Saturday, January 8, 2011

Staying focused on the positive emotions not only feels good, but can save you from making hasty decisions that aren't really yours!

Have you ever noticed how much advertising uses negative emotions to get us to buy something? Nepoleon Hill talks about negative emotions verses positive emotions and how alot of the time we act on the negative ones without even realizing it! I remember when I was selling kids portraits on the road, one of the sales tools they taught us was if the person was torn between buying and walking away was to take the photos away from in front of the customer and put them away in the folder and tell them you were going to throw them away or burn them when they asked what you would do with them if they didn't buy. It was working on lack, the same principle behind being told this 'deal' was only good now, if you walk away or want come back tomorrow it will cost you more. We were playing on LACK.

Funny thing is, now that I recognize it that pull to buy now isn't there anymore!

I was looking into changing my tv to direct tv from cable and the lady on the phone used all the catch phrases, "I can save you this much today, you qualify for special rebates now, this deal is only good while I have you on the phone" ect. I initially felt the 'pull' to switch, but as soon as realized the negative emotions she was playing on, the 'pull' went away. While I stay in the positive emotion side, the negative ones don't
have the same power!

I made these bookmarks to remind me of this principle, and I had one sitting on my desk while I was talking to the representative. As I read the positive emotions, I could feel myself move from being aggrevated at the direct tv rep for trying to manipulate me to just being happy that I know now what they are doing and how to think for myself, and not e lead by the salesman.

I am moving closer and closer to owning my life!
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