Monday, January 10, 2011

An Artist needs to design more than their art... They need to design themselves!

When I first graduated from art school ( not telling how long ago!), we were advised to get an agent once we had a body of work, to market our art for us. Most of my artist friends were like me, we had a hard time figuring out how to price our work, and didn't like to brag on it. I was always thinking it wasn't good enough to demand much, I was still learning and didn't feel very qualified to go out and demand payment for it.

Now that we have all been out in the world for a time, some of my class was able to eventually go out an make a name for themselves. I have talked to several established artist that did make a market for their work and they would tell me that they also had friends that were very good and talented artist but were never able to get a hold in the market. I always wondered what could be the difference, was it luck or was there something else at play. Why would not the best work get the best price?

In my case it was not the low opinion of my work but of myself that got in the way. My work is me, so I give the same value to it that I have of myself. The law of attraction says you get what you believe you can get, you draw to you what you think about. If I am thinking it is isn't good enough, the universe will make sure I get what I believe!

How do I believe I am good enough? How do I tell the universe what I want and really believe it will get it to me?

I am using something called autosuggestion. I am good enough, I have talent, and I am successful! I have to hear from myself and from as many positive sources I can find that I will succeed. This holds true for getting anything you want. It can be used for losing weight, for making more money... for anything you want to acquire. I developed a self talk that puts positive thoughts in my brain, I found a mastermind group that believes in me and supports me in what I want to accomplish and I am moving forward in meeting my goals both professionally and personally. Think about this... what you believe you back up by facts, but the facts came before or after you put together a thought about whatever you are trying to do? We have a thought or someone tells us something us true, usually a well meaning parent or friend and we look for it over and over until we make it true.

So make sure you hear positive statements over and over and you will take them as truth instead. You can turn anything in your life around just by being conscious of what you are allowing into your brain. You are worth the time and effort to make what you want to happen come to be. Click here and listen to this!

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