Saturday, February 12, 2011

Optimized MLM Leads - Don't get scamed buying leads!

Optimized MLM leads are leads that have shown interest in what you are doing, in Network Marketing they would have expressed interest in making money from home. The more specific the interest the better the online mlm lead. There are lead companies galore that will tell you they generate the best leads, that the people they are selling you are hot on the trail of building a network marketing business and prove it by making you pay top dollar for them. But what are you really getting?

They are giving you garbage and building their lists at the same time. Buying mlm leads from most of them means you will end up on someone else's list and if you call the leads, provided they give you real phone numbers, you will find them very neutral at best to ice cold and uninterested. Buying leads is a scam and totally unnecessary. You can find your own mlm opportunity leads at little or no expense and they WILL BE OPTIMIZED and TARGETED for your business!

First to get your own targeted optimized leads, you need to brand yourself. Put your name out there by starting a blog and learn to write your own articles. There are lots of free places to do this, and when you are more skilled you can get a self hosted site. Google likes Blogger and that is a good place to start. (I don't get anything from saying this!) Just put in a search for articles and blogs and you will see many results, find one that suits you. There are also many places that can give you good advice on how to write them.  You should write about something you are passionate about, use your knowledge to create something of value for the reader so they return to you. You are the expert.

My good friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy, author of "Success in 10 Steps"  is an expert on generating targeted mlm leads. Listen to what he has to say about buying leads...

You will need links to your articles, blogs and websites. Backlinks are important and easy to do. Get your self on facebook, linkedIn, twitter and any other social network you can find. You can use a multiple posting program like Onlywire to post to all of them at once. You don't have to write a book, just what you are thinking, a great saying you came across, good advice from someone (make sure you credit anyone quoted) or a thought for the day that would be uplifting and positive. All of this will help you to be branded, to get your name out there and support your blogs, articles and websites.

Make sure there is a way for readers to leave comments. Getting a conversation going is a great way to keep someone listening and reading. If you are giving them something of value they will want to come back and will want to know more about what you do. Now you have them asking you for information about your business!

Safelists take a little more time but are also effective. They are a way to share by looking at other peoples websites or ads. All are a little different in that some will require you to look at more ads than others but those that are struggling are looking at the ads, you can fly through them to optimize your time. All are free or you can join them, but first try them out for free to see how they work for you. I haven't joined any of them and have success. I track them so I know what I have, and if one is not performing like I want I just replace it with another.

Pay per click can be effective but beware, there is a cost. You will get a first $75 or $100 credit to try it, and by all means take advantage of that but when you start paying you can end up with a large bill if you aren't careful. Get some expert advice before diving in to pay per click so you don't end up emptying your bank account. There you MUST track your results to pay the least amount of money for your leads.

So stop buying mlm leads and start generating your own. There is a ton of information out there. This is called Attraction Marketing and you can do it mostly for free, and get better quality people to talk to as well. If you are looking for a lead generation system to help keep track of them, look into Mentoring for Free. They also have a great library of teaching audios and videos on how to get your own leads.

Be a critical thinker. If you see an opportunity for buying mlm leads, find out something about who is selling them, you may find the very people that are suggesting it are profiting from them as well. Google the name, research the company, and know what you are paying for. You will find it just won't be worth it and you will be happier and a lot less broke if you go get your own targeted mlm leads.

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