Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting qualified leads for your network marketing business - get a system to help you.

Want to be so busy, you
need an extra hand?
  When I ask people what is the biggest  challenge in working their network             marketing business, they almost always say they need to know how to get people to    talk to, and     then what do they say.  This isn't as difficult as it sounds.

  If you are working on your own, no direction, no mentor, and no system for getting   leads you are going to fail.  You need a system to get those qualified leads to talk to   and it needs to provide information and a good auto responder that will make it   sound like you personally sent that message, and a library of responses that are sent   as soon as the client shows interest.

  The best systems will find people that are already interested in network marketing. You don't want to have to convince anyone that the business model is a good one, spend your time with people that are already wanting to find what you have.

First, Promote yourself!  Learn how to brand yourself so when someone sees your name it is one they associate with your business, or with network marketing in general. That way you are looked on as a professional, a real leader.

Use a something free, some free info so when someone comes to you for help, they get something of  VALUE without being asked for money.  People join people and you want them to want to join you in whatever you are doing, because you are successful, and they want to be like you!

If you use these basic guidelines to find a system and a mentor to show you how, you should be looking like the guy in the cartoon, and you will be successful. 

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