Saturday, February 19, 2011

MLM Work From Home - Network Marketing instead of a second job

The biggest challenge in working a MLM business from home for me is being able to devote a block of time without interruptions to concentrate on my business.  Working from home has a unique set of challenges.  Family and friends sometimes don't seem to treat this as a real 'job' and your time is fair game.  They will interrupt you while working at home where they wouldn't dream of disturbing you if you were in another place working for someone else.  You have to make them understand and be determined to make this time as important to you and everyone else as it would be if you were going off to work.  After all you are working for yourself, isn't your business worth as much as someone esle's business?   Maybe more?

Working an MLM business can provide much more financial security than any other kind of job or brick and mortar business in a much shorter time, if it is worked correctly.  Luck has nothing to do with it, knowledge does. Make yourself a student of the industry. If you wanted to be a brain surgeon, wouldn't you go to school to learn the trade?  Even McDonalds has it's Hamburger University!

MLM is a business that can be marketed in several ways.  The old model says make a list of friends and family and get as many people in your living room or a hotel room as you can.  Talk to your warm market, and go back in your memory and look up as many people as you can to fill those rooms.  How many of you have tried this, only to have friends and family reject and sometimes laugh at your efforts, until you quit out of frustration. These days we have the Internet and if you learn how to use it, it can be a great source of finding optimized targeted leads that already want to work an MLM business.

There are many strategies both online and offline that will allow us to work from home and make the dream come true.  When you start your MLM don't just concentrate on the company and its products. Think about the  marketing system you will use because the process you apply for attracting and enrolling future partners needs to allow your personality to come out and be duplicatable for your clients joining you in your business. There are many different ways, and they are forever changing and evolving, so you will never run out of ways to advertise online. These new and improved strategies have only just started and will continue to generate fortunes for people that can understand and are able to use the power of the Internet.

What happens invariably with offline strategies is that unless you are a heavy hitter with a great influential circle, you will struggle with the friends and family because when you have exhausted your circle of friends and acquaintances, which for 90% of people out there is very limited, you are left with a cold market.  You first have to convince most of these people that a home business is a good idea, and then sell them on MLM.  No wonder it is called a cold market! What happens most with this kind of lead source is you have to have thousands of them to find one, and spend hundreds of dollars doing it.  A very expensive way to find people to talk to.

A good marketing system be easily duplicated and easy to implement. It should be inexpensive or free and give you a way to track your results.  It should be one that finds people that ALREADY WANT TO DO MLM.  It should make them want to talk to you. This in my book, is a whole lot better and easier than the old fashioned way of trying to convince others that don't have a clue about what we are trying to do!

 A Note:  Mentoring for Free is a free service that will help you learn how to advertize and find the system that fits you. Some MLM's have something already in place talored to the company, sometimes they will work well for you.  At Mentoring for Free there are experiences network marketers volunteering their time to help you out, and show you how to do things without getting caught spending money on worthless lead sources, and show you how to find your own optimized, targeted leads.  


  1. So true - it takes dicipline to introduce office hours at home - works though - did it all my life and never regretted"
    Frieke Karlovits

  2. Yes I agree, the advantages of working from home far outweigh the problems!