Tuesday, February 14, 2012

network marketing - Staying positive in a negative world!

Sometimes it seems like all we hear is how the glass if half empty. We know we need to view the glass half full but how do you keep your mind focused on the full side if all about you are talking about the empty side!

It isn't easy but you can beat them and show a good example in the process. They are part of your 'self talk' but you can drown them out and just refuse to join them!  You can decide if you want to embrace any idea, take it as truth or reject it and give your mind what you believe or want to believe as truth. If you do this enough, the half full glass will be what your subconscious remembers, not the half empty one.

Here are some ways to do this.

1. Use affirmations, say them at least 100 times a day.  This amounts to maybe 15 or 20 minutes a day, a small investment in yourself that will really payoff! 

2. Find a group of people that you keep in regular contact with, people that are positive, like minded and have similar goals as yourself that you can go to to talk IDEAS with. If they talk about people, find another group! Gossip has no place in your mastermind group

3. READ BOOKS that are positive. They should be about people that have grown and been successful in what ever they are working in. If you are a mechanic you don't have to read just about successful mechanics, anyone that has reached their goals and is sharing how they did it may have an important idea in it for you. Be a critical thinker and don't take any ones word for absolute truth. Ideas are what you will grow with, sometimes they are opposing but as a critical thinker, you can also grow from rejecting them. An idea never challenged will never grow strong. The more you have to stick to your guns, the stronger you will get and the more desire you will have to reach your goals so don't be afraid to encounter an opposing viewpoint.

4. Stay with the positive emotions. Most of the downtrodden you hear are coming from the negative emotions, they just see the half empty glass. If you can keep the half full glass in your mind, not only can you keep their negativity from invading your mind, you can uplift them. Remember if you focus on the negative, it tends to build more negative. All you have to do is to think the opposite, positive emotion until you feel it. Visualize, mind pictures are a strong replacement for the negativity of someones words. Make up your perfect day and use it when confronted with a situation where you can't get away from a flood of negative talk. You can be sympathetic without joining in. Our thoughts are things, so make sure you are armed with all the good things you can think of when faced with someone that is not as strong, They can feel your state of mind, so keep it in the positive as much as possible and you will feel the results and so will they! Be a 'Mentor with a Servants Heart' and a voice for the good in life.  Everyone has it, sometimes they just have to be reminded of it. 

5. Find a positive meaning in what you see and hear. Rethinking adverse events in a positive light and giving ordinary happenings a positive value will lift you and everyone around you. Pursue realistic goals, you do yourself no good to reach for something that is so big you can't see it. Having a big goal is ok but you need to break any large undertaking into attainable steps. Be mindful of the positive in your life, look for it, it is ALWAYS there!

6. Do something you love. Take time for you and enjoy yourself. Playing a game with friends, drawing, painting, playing and listening to positive music... these are all things that will keep you happy and relaxed.

7. Smile even if you don't feel like it. Your brain doesn't know the difference between a genuine smile or a fake one, the fake one can do the same job of getting those positive chemicals working in your brain. Fake it till you make it works in this case!

So next time you feel like the negativity around you is closing in. keep these strategies in mind. They work! You can make a difference in you and when people see it they will be positively affected as well. You can make a difference in your life and everyone around you just by being positive, by keeping that half FULL glass in your mind all the time!

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