Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Network Marketing, connecting with leads - Button, Button, Who's got the Button!

  Ever hear the saying, they pressed my buttons?  I hear it all the time.  Someone says something that just rubs you the wrong way, and you react.  Sometimes it is a well meaning family member or a friend, sometimes it is a potential client that is suspicious or challenging, but either way it interferes with our getting our point across.  Let's face it, if someone is challenging your business as many do because it is an mlm, they are looking for a reaction and you are giving them what they want which is affirmation that they are right about you or you would be able to defend the point, and it would not get to you.

My family is like most of yours.  Yes, I am doing another mlm and I have failed in the past but I am not now, however we all know it takes some time to grow a business.  It isn't like a regular job where you work so many hours and get so much money  for the time.  At first you don't see much obvious gain, but if you are doing it right, getting educated and growing personally with it, you will see a difference first in you, then in your pocketbook.

In the past the dreaded, "but are you making any money!" comment used to really get me going.  I always thought it was just them, but if I really believed in what I was doing and growing with my business, why would that bother me so much?  I would either get up and leave in a huff thinking why can't they support me or give them a smart answer back that didn't help either of us.  If you want to get rid of that reaction, you can!  Here are some suggestions that work.

1.  I have heard it said, network marketing is a pay plan with a personal development program built in. Because you are working in a business that depends on your ability to foster positive relationships, you need to work on YOU just as much as you do on everything else.  As you improve yourself, you will find those comments don't give you the same knee jerk reaction as they used to.

2. Put yourself in their place.  For example, my parents like many others went through the depression. Unless your family is one of the lucky wealthy ones that kept their money intact, they know what it is like to be poor, to have to be careful just to make sure they got the basics, food, shelter, ect. So when they someone they care about spending on something with no VISIBLE return, they worry and their doubts come out in questions that may sound like they have little faith in you.  They are coming from negative emotions. You have to keep your answers coming from the positive emotions.  You have to be able to not take their doubts personally. You can make a great difference in their feelings of insecurity by just staying positive yourself, they will feel your confidence and it will actually make them feel better and they will be more positive too!

3. Self talk... Autosuggestion, the best way to keep your confidence or to grow your faith so you don't react the same way.  What you say to yourself is important, you have to practice it when you are not confronted with negativity so when it does come, you have thoughts that are positive to replace them with.  Practice and hone your self talk to keep your enthusiasm and confidence up so it doesn't deflate with the first doubting Thomas you come across.

4. Environment... also Autosuggestion.  What others say to you will also effect your faith, your confidence. Surround yourself as much as possible with positive, like minded people. Their positive comments will also give you the positive energy and faith to withstand the doubts of others.

You are in control, you are the captain of your fate, so don't just take what comes.  Make a conscious effort to control what you hear and think.  You will be surprised how little those doubting thomas's are able to push your buttons. They are actually your friends, because they are only pointing out where you need to concentrate your efforts to make yourself into the person you are meant to be!

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