Saturday, September 15, 2012

Network Marketing - Auto Suggestion

One of the best ways to boost your business and grow yourself is to use auto suggestion. I had tried this many times with limited success, but only recently  had an insight that made me understand why.

Auto suggestion is a term 
bandied about by a lot of people, and has had a lot of articles and books written about it. What I had always read about it or maybe interpreted was that it was something you listened to over and over again so your brain would hear it more than the negative and take it for truth. I listened to all kinds of tapes and spent time repeating what I wanted over and over, trouble was I didn't believe it nor did I put any emotion into it except maybe doubt. What I didn't know was without faith, without emotion and a belief in what I was saying it wasn't going to be effective.

Think for just a minute about what faith is...  it is BELIEVING something without proof, so it is a CHOICE to believe something. We operate so much on remote control, that we don't even consider that we can CHOOSE OUR BELIEFS, thereby creating FAITH!  

So auto suggestion is most effective when accompanied by the emotion that can be fueled by FAITH that what you are saying is TRUE and WILL HAPPEN if you just keep saying it and thinking it and CHOOSE to believe it to be true. 

The idea that I could CHOOSE what to believe and what to let in to my mind was something that I never heard before listening to Michael and the mental cleanse.  I find that I am using this idea not just with my business but with me, what to believe and hold true about ME.  My opinion of myself and what I can do is totally up to me, it is my CHOICE! I believe I can get what I want, it may take me a month or a year, I may make changes in my plans and falter at times, but I will never give up and as long it is my truth, nothing anyone tells me can change my plans and my belief unless I let it.

So my auto suggestion or my self talk has the emotion of my faith in other people and myself, and it not just a wish or a dream, it is TRUTH. A great byproduct of this idea is that other people's opinions and criticisms of what I believe no longer causes me to feel so uncomfortable, I can look at what they say and consider it and DECIDE to agree or not, and not feel threatened by it.  My truth is mine and totally up to me... a great comfort and relief, and a great KNOWING that gives me confidence that I didn't have before. I can make changes but they are mine, I am not at the mercy of all the hype. I use my auto suggestion to fuel my DESIRE OF CHOICE, and I will succeed.

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