Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Network Marketing - What you need before all else to be truely successful!

Organized Planning is necessary to get anything done but for people like me, it can be a scary thought!  I probably am not the only one that feels like being organized is one of those genes that I didn't get at birth.  My desk is most of the time buried in papers and art projects and other stuff that is equally important to me, and gets kind of cleaned off when I get irritated because I no longer have any space to write something down. I plan but most of the time the plans fall short of completion because I run out of time to finish all the things I planned to do. I have felt scattered and frustrated at times, less now than before finding mentoring for free and following the mental cleanse.  But my progress always seems to me to be slow and at times non existant and I take the failures personally.

Finding your mastermind group and making a plan, and acting on the plan using a burning desire to reach a goal is all important in getting what you want. I have a great mastermind group. paramount in helping me to carry out my plans, and always there when I reach out to them. All the emphasis in my mind was on being able to organize a plan of action and carry it out. Finding more time to devote to finding prospects and customers, working on the quantity and sometimes the quantity so I would find success as fast as I could, and being irritated with myself for not doing all the things I know are important...enough. Very important, but all that planning and executing your plan is pretty worthless if you don't have another just as important thing going for you.

Think about the statement “QUALITY AND QUANTITY of service is not sufficient to maintain a permanent market for your services. The conduct or SPIRIT in which you deliver service is a strong determining factor in connection with both the price you receive and the duration of employment.”  ( From Napoleon Hill's book  'Think and Grow Rich". )

In other words if you don't conduct business, even though you deliver quantity and quality in your business, with the right spirit, your business won't last. You will crash and burn because you weren't ready for success.  

So I take solice when I am frustrated with myself for not moving along at the rate I would like, in the fact that I am still so to speak growing up and success will come when I am ready for it, and in the meantime I just have to enjoy the journey and learn as much as I can along the way, so I am ready for success WHEN IT COMES.  I keep going no matter what, failures along the way are eminent and that is where persistence comes in.  We just have to keep improving our quality and quantity of service to others, work toward success in the spirit of being of service to our prospects and customers, and success will come. So don't be so quick to give up when you feel you aren't doing as well as you think you should, take it as a challenge and a chance stretch a little.  The journey is the fun part... and the best is yet to come! This is not always easy for me, but I a

m certain the outcome will eventually be success.

The spirit of service has always been easy for me, maybe for you as well...  when your self image is low you are quick to help others at your own expense to compensate.  This isn't the spirit that you need either. The spirit is to help others when you can, but to include yourself in the equation so that you have the strength and balance, and enthusiasm to be of service without your happiness being dependant on the outcome.  

  I may not have the organization part down yet, but I am working on it and understand that as long as I am in service to others to help them independent of that service making me feel like someone, because I am someone in the first place, I will make

 progress and succeed. Then the service to others is truly selfless and in the true spirit of giving.

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  1. Great blog Ruth!
    You are a good writer I read your blog and everything you say it was like I was talking about me as well.Lol Good Stuff here.I have the hard copy for both:"Think and Grow Rich""Success in 10 Steps"
    I think I need to read them again for sure. I'll be on the call Saturday see you then...Take Care.